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Welcome to an Age of Midnight.

This is going to be an effort of converting the Midnight setting to the A.G.E. system. At the moment there is no campaign ready although there are lots of pieces here and there. This also means that there are no players in this, yet.

Since this is based on already published system and campaign settings, I’m only going to publish the modifications needed to convert Midnight to the AGE system. This is just going to be a supplement and you should own at least the core books of both Midnight and Dragon Age to be able to use the content here.

In case you don’t have these books, you can get them on the links bellow.

  1. Midnight setting from Fantasy Flight Games.
  2. Dragon Age from Green Ronin Publishing.

If you want to check more about the current status of this go to the campaign’s wiki.

Cheers, Alex!

Home Page

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