Character Creation

The rules for Midnight AGE character creation can be found on page 17 of the Dragon Age Player’s Guide Set

In order to make a Midnight AGE character you need to do the following:

  • Create a character concept. This is a rough idea of the sort of character you’d like to play.
    • Pick a name.
    • Create a back-story. How did your character came to be what he is?
    • Create your character’s personality. What are you character’s ambitions, goals and how does he do with others?
  • Determine abilities. These are your character’s core physical, mental attributes.
  • Choose a race. Choose a race and the people from that race that you belong to.
  • Choose a Heroic Path.
  • Choose a class. What do you do? You can be a fighter, a rogue, a channeller, etc.
  • Pick equipment. Choose your starting gear.
  • Calculate defence and speed. Both these numbers will help keep you alive.

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Character Creation

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